Infrastructure design

To ensure reliable and trouble-free operation of key information systems in your company, it is necessary to build a stable, highly available and secure IT infrastructure. By IT infrastructure, we mean the interconnection of hardware and software products and solutions so that all users in their workplaces always have a powerful, secure, easy-to-use environment designed for exactly what they need to use it for. IT infrastructure in this sense can be divided into the following areas:

Server solutions

Servers and data warehouses are at the heart of every IT infrastructure. Many years of experience in this area allow us to design the optimal solution in terms of customer needs and capabilities with an emphasis on minimizing costs while maintaining sufficient security, availability and performance. We implement server solutions for both small companies and companies with a large number of users and a large volume of data, where it is necessary to distribute the load of server applications among several servers. We are able to design, deliver, implement and provide these solutions and management.  

Data backup and archiving

The difference between backup and archiving is that the backup creates a copy of the data and it stays in the same place, while the copy takes it to another location. This process is performed mainly for security reasons – for possible data recovery in case of primary storage failure. In contrast, archiving does not create a copy of the data, but the data is moved to other types of storage with lower operating costs. In this area, we are able to offer precise analysis of the environment, detection of your needs, solution proposals, pilot installation and trial operation.

Optimization and virtualization

Every thriving and growing company is facing the problem of increasing the number of servers it needs to run and run the applications it needs to run. Over time, this increase has a disproportionate burden on the company with its maintenance requirements, both in terms of human resources and financial requirements. With the help of server virtualization, it is possible to run up to several dozen virtual servers on one physical server. In such a case, there is a dramatic reduction in the cost of acquiring new equipment and maintaining the entire large-scale system. Our company offers a complete portfolio of services in the field of virtualization.