Linux server administration

We will help with the complete administration of the server so that your only concern is your own business. We install, set up, optimize, update, monitor, back up and protect servers from attacks and security flaws every day for more than 15 years in 365/24/7 mode.

We will analyze your problem and propose an effective technical solution. We will suggest options for optimizing your existing system or application in terms of performance and security.

In the field of server administration, we can offer the following
  • Installation or re-installation of servers on Linux platforms
  • Complete software configuration on the server according to your needs with emphasis on performance optimization (eg web server, database server, mail server, game server)
  • Configuration and continuous monitoring of server operation. We also monitor the functionality of individual server components and, in the event of a failure, quickly replace the defective component with a new one
  • Secure (encrypted) and regular backup of all data tailored to your needs. If recovery is required, the data is easily recoverable in the shortest possible time
  • Ensuring high availability
  • Build or purchase a server
  • Regular reports on the current state of the server and performed activities regarding its maintenance
  • Elaboration of Disaster Recovery
  • Process automation
  • Providing professional user and technical support
  • Monitoring and resolving server attacks
  • Troubleshooting
What servers do we manage?
  • Physical servers and clusters in public data centers
  • Physical servers and clusters in private data centers
  • Virtual servers in public infrastructure
  • Cloud servers in public and private clouds
  • Docker or Kubernetes