An unavailable server, application or service, an error in the logs, a full disk or faulty hardware can cause many inconveniences. Monitoring makes it easy to prevent such problems.

We check each server n times for a defined time interval. We test the availability of each server, ie whether it is possible to connect to the given server / service, ie if it is functional. The connection method depends on the nature of the service. All monitoring takes place non-stop.

What are we monitoring?

In the case of monitoring servers and services outside your network, we are limited only by what you make available to us – the possibilities are practically unlimited. However, the most common services are:

  • POP3
  • IMAP / IMAPs
  • SMTP / SMTPs
  • SQL
  • Ping
  • LDAP / LDAPs
  • DNS
  • Uptime
  • CPU, Memory, OS Load
  • Disk space

but also blacklists for web and mail server, domain expiration, validity and SSL certificate settings or connection between www and non-www versions of the web. The possibilities are practically unlimited.

More notification options


At a certain interval, we automatically monitor various areas and send notifications of unusual changes to all customers. In the event of an error, the monitoring interval is shortened so that its development can be monitored. We can also send a more detailed report on request.

Error notifications can be set up for customers via:

  • SMS messages
  • e-mail
  • applications such as Mattermost, Slack, Microsoft Teams
  • any API

More reaction options

We can measure a response mechanism for a specific state of service. A typical example is the creation of a ticket in a bug / issue tracking system such as JIRA in a situation where the limit level is reached. The possibilities are again practically limitless.

Server performance / response measurement

We also offer you an overview of server performance and response speed from the server, because today the response speed is also included in the quality of the site.

Outage analysis

In the event of an outage, we are able to determine its cause. Using our own algorithms, we can provide you with all the information about the outage.

Availability reports

We offer clear analyzes of availability, summaries of short-term and long-term results, all in high-quality graphic design.

Zabbix monitoring examples

home LAN

zabbix monitoring home network example

zabbix monitoring home network example